Was that statuary always there, the man wondered as he jiggled the key in the lock for the umpteenth time. For some reason the lock wouldn’t budge and he couldn’t remember for the life of him when the building next to his had placed such a menacing statue of an angel on the roof. It doesn’t look very serene and angelic, he thought.

The man was so preoccupied with the glaring statue and the stubborn lock that he didn’t fill the quick bite of a knife across his throat till something warm dripped down chest and his knees gave out a few moments later.

As the world faded to darkness, he could have sworn he heard a voice say, “One Nephilim down.”


The Waitress

“He don’t look like much. I don’t think he’s one of them,” said the first one.

The other responded, “How do you know? You can’t tell if he’s Nephilim just by looking.”

The first one didn’t bother glancing at his friend. Instead his eyes tracked the pretty waitress around the diner. “Yeah, you can. If you know what to look for that is”, he remarked after his prey had disappeared behind the counter.

His friend regarded him. He spoke carefully, “Then who do you think it is then?”

The fallen finally dragged his gaze back to his partner. “Why the one that every male can’t seem to keep his eyes off of, including us, despite her not being much to look at”. He resumed his scrutiny of the woman in question.

The other fallen frowned. “The waitress?”, he asked. He too turned his gaze to watch her glide around the diner. Now that it was on his mind, there did seem something. . . off about her, something supernatural. The way she gracefully weaved in between tables, successfully dodging clumsy coworkers with overladen trays and grasping hands of overzealous patrons. The way the sunlight streaming in seemed to cling to her, casting the rest of the diner in shadows in her wake.

Nephilim, he thought, we’ve finally found the last of you.


A Short Ride

While her heart was still racing and her face was flushed from what had almost happened, she fumbled with her buttons. Did he have to look so composed, she thought bitterly. She heard the seats creak beneath him as he shifted his weight. She didn’t look up. Until cool fingers grasped her chin and tilted her face up. She cringed in embarrassment. There was no sign of the desire that had darkened his eyes less than a minute ago. Those lush lips that haunted her dreams lifted into a smile.

“The next time you plan to seduce me in a car, pick a farther destination,” he remarked.

She crinkled her brow as his words set in. She blushed as a downward glance revealed just how affected he was, despite the inopportune interruption. Until next time, his eyes promised.


The Devil’s Friend

“Who is he?”, her sister inquired.

I glanced over at him and flushed at the intensity of his gaze. 

“Just a friend”, I responded all too quickly.

“Just a friend?”, he rumbled, his voice gliding over me like satin sheets and filled with unspoken promises.


Devil May Care

“Do not tempt me”, he growled. I chuckled then gasped as his mouth latched onto my nipple and teased it to a peak. When I found my breath again I managed to get out, “Me tempting the devil? Now, that’s funny”.

All humor fled however, when the room spun and I became sprawled beneath him. Caught in the devil’s snare, I thought.


Stolen Kisses

His lips felt smooth under mine as he swallowed my next breath. I shuddered, trembled. Something instictive urged me to pull back but I found myself leaning more into him, needing more. For a moment, time stood still. The world faded away and it was just the two of them. My last coherent thought, “this must be bliss”.


Wings of Sorrow

She froze and the breath she didn’t realize she was holding got caught in her throat. His eyes gleamed as if a thousand fires were banked behind them. And arching over his shoulders, brushing the ceiling, were wings. Actual wings. As the air came rushing out of her, the ground came rising up to meet her. Darkness claimed her before she hit the floor.