A mother is never forgotten

Since I was honored to write a poem to read at my great-grandmother’s funeral I thought I’d just dedicated an entire page to it rather than just sharing it in a post. When I was writing this poem I was both describing my grandmother and some of my memories of my time spent at her home but also my ideal of a mother. A mother that I never had. A mother that my maternal grandmother was to me. When I didn’t have a mother to do any of the things in my poem that a mother should do my two grandmothers stepped in and filled the role. Everyone called my great-grandmother either Mrs. Jessie or mama. She was mama to everyone. The poem reads as follows:

Sweet kisses,

Warm embraces,

And promises

Of safety;

Gifts of a mother,

Given freely

Lingering scent of

Age-old perfume,

Skinned knees,

Stitched up hand me downs;


Of an unforgettable childhood


That can’t be replaced

A mother’s love

Lives on

Never deceased

And never forgotten

Her legacy

Carried on

By those she touched

And those she raised

Never deceased

And never forgotten

Bitter arguments,

Fragmented words

Belying wisdom,

Loud laughter;

Splices of life


That can’t be


Kind words,

A soft smile,

Gentle hands


Protect and comfort;

A mother

Is never forgotten

There is

A door

That is never closed,

An ear

That is always listening,

A home

That is always inviting,


That are always open,

A mother

That is always giving

Heavy hearts

Tear-filled eyes

A loss

That weighs us down

A mother

Is never forgotten

An empty home

A locked door

Stiff arms

Deaf ears

An absent mother

But she is never


A scent

On the wind

A hug

From a stranger

A kiss

From a sister

A mother’s love

Lives on

She is everywhere

Her legacy

Carrying on

By those she touched

And those she raised

Never deceased

And never forgotten



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