“if i had to choose between breathing or loving you, i would say ‘i love you’ with my last breath”
―Shannon Dermott

I’m always burning the midnight oil these days. It looks like my insomnia is sticking around for awhile.

As of two days ago, I’m officially 21. My birthday was not the train wreck that I had thought it would be. My birthday this year may have been the best one yet. I got to get drunk on the beach as I had planned and fell asleep and woke up next to the guy that I love. I’m still very much in love with Batman. We still have no label for our quasi pseudo-relationship. I have to admit that Batman had a valid point today when we discussed us. Why are we happier together when we’re not together? Why does calling what we have a relationship somehow makes things more stressful and serious?

I had fun on my birthday. I want to remember it forever. I wish I could take a mental snapshot that would never fade or age with time. I couldn’t have loved him more on that day. I was happy on my birthday and. . . .  I don’t think I can describe or Batman could understand how big a deal that is. He made that happen. He turned what used to be a day of disappointments and unhappiness into a day of celebration and joy. Batman may not slay all my demons but sometimes he does a damn good job of slaying the few that he can get his hands on.


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