Hair Journey

“Relaxing your hair is like being in prison. You’re caged in. Your hair rules you. You didn’t go running with Curt today because you don’t want to sweat out this straightness. You’re always battling to make your hair do what it wasn’t meant to do.”

― Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I rarely talk about my hair journey on here, even though it’s a pretty big deal to me. I was always told by my grandmother that a woman’s hair is her glory, some biblical reference. Well, I took it to heart. I was raised United Pentecostal. In that denomination of Christianity, a woman shouldn’t cut her hair. In my grandmother’s eyes, clipping and trimming is the same as cutting. So, even though I hadn’t had shoulder length hair since Elementary school, I didn’t get my ends trimmed on the regular. I used a flat iron liberally and got relaxers every 3-4 months. Even though my hair was down my back, it wasn’t healthy in my opinion. My hair was long but remained the same length for well over 5 years. I had no length retention.

So, in March of 2016, I decided to begin a healthy/natural hair journey. I kind of fell off that wagon in November of 2016 when I got a relaxer after 8 months of transitioning. Well, I’m transitioning again. So far, its been about 4-5 months since I’ve had a relaxer. It’s frustrating but I’m determined to last longer than I did last time. I tried my first flexible rod set last night. It didn’t go well and it was a bit discouraging. But I’m going to attempt it again after watching some more YouTube videos. I’d incorrectly assumed that there was a specific way to do them but I’ve soon come to the realization that nearly everyone does them differently. Like most things about this journey, I have to decide what works best for me and my hair.

Wish me luck.


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