Happy Halloween

“But I love Halloween, and I love that feeling: the cold air, the spooky dangers lurking around the corner.”

— Evan Peters

I’d nearly forgotten it was Halloween, which is so unlike me because its my favorite holiday. I wish I could say I have big plans tonight or did something exciting this past weekend but I don’t and I didn’t. I guess Halloween has become another relic of my childhood. Somehow it was so exciting then, the air felt crisper, and everything just felt. . .  better.

Now? Not that my life isn’t great, I love it but I wish I could celebrate my favorite holiday in a way that would do it some justice. Batman and I finally got Wi-Fi at the house but we don’t have cable, not that I’m complaining but as a kid I used to live for those horror movie or even Disney movie marathons. I enjoyed watching kids in the movies do what I couldn’t: trick or treat and explore haunted houses.

It appears I’ve caught a case of nostalgia and it seems to be lingering. Oh, well, for the most part I had a happy childhood and there’s nothing wrong with missing the things that brought you childish joy.



Happy endings are a luxury of fiction.”

― Trudi Canavan

Talk about nostalgia. I feel like I haven’t posted on here in ages. The reprieve was. . . nice. I felt like I was living without a crutch. This blog has functioned for a while  as a coping mechanism for my loneliness.  Well, I haven’t felt lonely in the time that I’ve been absent from here. I’ve been happy, still am. I have had a few ups and downs, such as a second car accident which caused my insurance to increase but. . . life has been good.

I’m in a good place with Batman, even met his mom. I’m making more money at my job and school is going as well as can be expected . My car is currently undergoing repairs but I’m driving a rental in the meantime. 

I kind of get the feeling that Superman and I are no longer friends. I knew it was coming for sometime but. . . I guess I didn’t expect to actually feel as if I’ve lost something . He’s moving to Alaska and he believes he’s found the one for him. I’m happy for him. It feels like the bittersweet closing of a drawn-out chapter. I guess that’s why I’m in a nostalgic mood , reminiscing about the past.

In my English class, we were pondering if the past is ever really gone or does it stays with us, always. I think it’ll be a terrifying day when man discovers the answer .